between love and lies... (waste_my_time) wrote in whispergraphics,
between love and lies...

welcome to whispergraphics!

to view the graphics offered here, you must join the community, using the link in the user info. please read the rules before joining! i must approve your membership, so wait about 2 days before asking why you havent been added yet or trying again.

friends only banners



feel free to use these, but please follow the rules that are stated in the user info! thanks.
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could you post a few promo graphics or something? that way people will know whether they like the style of graphics before joining..since you can't really tell much about the style from the layout.
that is a good idea; i was going to do that, but i was hoping to have more to offer once anyone does join that arent samples. know what i mean?
but i think offering samples anyway is a good idea. i'll work on that. thanks! :)
Taking the first header for future use. Will credit when used! Thanks! :)
hey dear, can you add 'disappearicons' to your flist so I can view your icons? Thanks :)