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welcome to whispergraphics. this community is where i (kate, random livejournal-er) will post icons or banners or headers or other graphics that i have made.

what you're likely to find here: icons/headers/friends only banners of the bands or things in my interests. i dont want to spend time looking at things i hate.
what i wont be making: "fandom"/lost/lotr/harry potter/anime icons or graphics. there are lots of communities that make those. i dont.

1. credit:
if you use a banner or header, please credit in your user info.
if you use an icon, credit isnt required, but it is nice anyway.
credit whispergraphics
tip: if you save the graphics on your hard drive for later use, just save them in a folder with the community name -- its easy to remember then.

2. save to your own server.
everyone's read this before. just do it. its not that hard. save the graphics and upload them to your own image host -- something like photobucket.

3. no requests!
i might take sugggestions (hey, it never hurts to try), but i am not making custom graphics of any kind right now. for reference, custom = only for you, specific graphics, etc. suggestion = ideas for graphic themes that can be shared with any member of the community

you dont have to comment every time you take something, but...i really like comments. then i know that people actually use stuff, and i'm not just wasting my time. so let me know sometimes, okay? ;)

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want to be an affiliate?
just email me and let me know!

interested in linking me?
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